#20 - Mike Morgan - about 1 year ago

Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan of KFOR joins us via Skype.


#19 - Mike Thompson, Joe Lauria - over 1 year ago

Chief Meteorologist Mike Thompson and Meteorologist Joe Lauria of WDAF-TV, FOX4 join us via Skype. 4/25/2013


Reed's Forecasting School - over 1 year ago

In a break from our regular podcast format, Reed gives an informal forecasting lesson. (recorded live 04/04/2013)


#18 - Reed Stough, Justin White - over 1 year ago

Reed Stough talks about his future game Storm Quest. TVN Extreme Engineer Justin White also joins us. 03/27/2013


#17 - Jeff Piotrowski - over 1 year ago

Extreme Storm Chaser and Inventor Jeff Piotrowski joins us via Skype. You can find out more about Jeff on his website 03/21/2013


#16.4 - Sean Casey - over 1 year ago

Sean Casey IMAX filmmaker, TIV inventor, and Storm Chaser joins us via Skype 03/13/2013


#16.3 - Ginger Zee - over 1 year ago

Ginger Zee GMA Extreme Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, and Adventurer joins us via Skype 03/13/2013


#16.2 - Mike Bettes - over 1 year ago

Mike Bettes,TWC Meteorologist and Storm Chaser joins us via Skype 03/13/2013


#16.1 - Johnny Rowlands - over 1 year ago

Johnny Rowlands, Legendary Helicopter Pilot, NewsChopper9, KMBC-TV KC joins us via Skype 03/13/2013


#15.5 - Brian O'Toole, Darin Brunin - over 1 year ago

Brian O'Toole, Shooter/Producer for Dual Survival and Darin Brunin, Extreme Storm Chaser from Discovery Storm Chasers join us via Skype. 03/07/2013


#15.4 - Bud Phillips, Braydon Morisseau - over 1 year ago

Bud Phillips, Firefighter, 2011 Storm Chasers medic and TVN Alberta Chaser Braydon Morisseau join us via Skype. 03/07/2013


#15.3 - Bryan Busby, Justin White - over 1 year ago

Bryan Busby, Chief Meteorologist, KMBC Channel 9, Kansas City, MO and TVN extreme science engineer Justin White join us via Skype. 03/07/2013


#15.2 - Kelly Bryant, Mike Theiss - over 1 year ago

Kelly Bryant, Morning Meteorologist, WTVM Columbus, GA; Formerly at WDAM Hattiesburg, MS joins us via Skype. Mike Theiss joins us again from Chile. 03/07/2013


#15.1 - Tim Samaras - over 1 year ago

Inventor, explorer, engineer, and Storm Chaser Tim Samaras joins the crew via Skype. 03/07/2013

RIP Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young, members of TWISTEX that were killed in the May 31st 2013 El Reno tornado.


#14 - Jim Edds - over 1 year ago

Extreme Hurricane Chaser and Videographer Jim Edds talks about his adventures. 02/28/2013


#13 - Remembering Andy Gabrielson with Kory Hartman - over 1 year ago

Kory Hartman from Severe Studios joins us in celebrating the life of late storm chaser Andy Gabrielson on his birthday. 02/19/2013


#12 - Mike Theiss - over 1 year ago

National Geographic photographer and professional storm chaser Mike Theiss joins us on Skype to talk about extreme nature photography and his adventures. 02/12/2013


#11 - James Reynolds - over 1 year ago

SPECIAL guest James Reynolds, chaser of super typhoons, volcanoes, and all extreme weather in Southeast Asia. Live from his home base in Hong Kong! James Reynolds new website features his work - 01/31/2013


#10 - James Spann - over 1 year ago

Special guest James Spann, award-winning and hero meteorologist on ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL. Topics range from his 10 hour marathon live coverage of the April 8, 1998 F5 in northern Alabama to the difference between "Dixie Alley" and Great Plains tornado outbreaks, to his theories on how to improve the warning system. James is the best story teller and exudes his unparalleled passion for not only the science of weather, but most importantly the lives he is striving to save with his severe weather coverage. 01/24/2013


#9 - Kevin Barton - almost 2 years ago

Kevin Barton, extreme storm chaser and the builder of all three Dominator intercept vehicles. 01/14/2013


#8 - TVNweather Chasers - almost 2 years ago

A regular update from core TVNweather chasers. 12/03/2012


#7 - Mike Scantlin - almost 2 years ago

Featuring TVNweather chaser Mike Scantlin. 11/14/2012


#6 - Dave Holder and Rick Thomas - almost 2 years ago

Featuring TVNweather Chaser Dave Holder and Rick Thomas from Into the Storm. 11/07/2012


#5 - Joel Taylor, Dave Holder, Rick Thomas - almost 2 years ago

Joel Taylor, Dave Holder, Rick Thomas talk about life and chasing with the team. 10/23/2012


#1 - Joel Taylor - about 2 years ago

Featuring special guest Joel Taylor. 10/03/2012