Comment Guidelines version 2.1

These comment guidelines apply to the real-time comments found on this website powered by Disqus, often associated with the live storm chasing streams, they do not apply to the TVNweather Community website which is governed by a different set of guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any material that does not (in our judgment) comply with these standards and to revoke posting privileges at our discretion. In most instances, community members will be warned of offending behavior and repeated warnings may result in banning. Our decisions are considered final. It's impossible to cover everything in a document such as this and at times moderators may have to use their best judgment.

This is a civilized place for public discussion

Please be respectful and civil to other community members and guests, even in disagreement. People are allowed to have different opinions as long as their posts conform to the guidelines.

Avoid Negativity

We believe there is no place for negativity in a community that is designed around discussing storm chasing and weather. No one wants to hear anyone whining and complaining about streams dropping, video quality, lack of audio, chaser decisions, etc. If you came here to complain and be negative, you should just quietly watch and let others comment instead as your negativity adds no value to the discussion. You can be skeptical about subjects of predictive/uncertain nature (forecasts, etc) but you must do so in a respectful and civilized manor. Your skepticism should actually add some level of value to the discussion, if you can not articulate your skepticism in this manor you should refrain from adding such comments.

Down votes

The down vote process should be used to suppress comments that you feel violate these guidelines. Down votes should not be used for disagreement. Moderators may delete or moderate comments that violate these guidelines before the down vote process automatically suppresses the comment, at their discretion. If a moderator determines that a post has been down voted simply because of disagreement they should mark the post as approved to override the down voting.

Avoid stating the obvious

Repeating over and over that a stream is down adds no value to the discussion, everyone can tell the stream is down, it happens all the time and there's nothing the chaser or TVNweather can do about it. These kind of comments just waste valuable room in the thread and distract from more meaningful discussion.

Do not post rumors, lies, or disinformation

If you don't have first hand knowledge or information from a verifiable source then you should not be posting it. We often see ignorant comments such as "TVN shuts down X stream(s) on purpose", etc. Our tolerance for such ignorance has grown very thin over the years, posting comments like these will result in an immediate ban.

Links are not allowed

Due to rampant abuse by users posting links, we simply do not allow them as they are more trouble than they are worth. Comments that attempt to circumvent the link prohibiting mechanisms will be deleted and the user should be warned. Attempts to direct users to other websites will be considered spam and may result in a ban.

Help Educate

No one shall be banned or have their comment deleted simply for ignorance about storm chasing or weather as long as their post is civilized and respectful. Experienced and knowledgeable users should step up and help educate those without the knowledge when possible.

Examples of behavior that will result in a ban the first time: (post will be deleted)
Examples of behavior that will result in a warning the first time:
The above are just examples, anything that we feel violates the spirit of these guidelines will result in a warning. Repeated warnings will result in a ban at the moderators discretion. Moderators must abide by the same rules.

This is a public discussion forum. Do not post any private information about yourself or your business that you do not wish to be widely available public knowledge. When sharing contact information, please use a private message. It is not recommended to post personal information such as home address or personal telephone numbers. Please be advised that because your User ID will be viewable by the entire community, you may not want to use your full name as your User ID. All contributions are governed by our privacy policy, the Disqus privacy policy will also apply to your Disqus account and content.


Please keep in mind that community members may claim expertise or status (legal, medical, etc) that they do not, in fact, possess. Thoughtful discretion should be given to all advice found on the site. The views expressed by community members on the site do not necessarily reflect those of our company.