Eastern Fury (Tornado DVD)

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Eastern Fury is an amazing collection of rare tornado footage from the Eastern United States. Many of these videos have never been shown on television, including rare close-up videos of flying and swirling debris. From classic tapering funnels to white “elephant-trunks” to wedges, these tornadoes are as massive and powerful as those seen in Tornado Alley, yet they were filmed along the east coast.

Highlights include multiple views of the La Plata, Maryland F4 tornado, the Hurricane Ivan induced tornado outbreak in northern Virginia and Florida, the Lawrence Tennessee F5 tornado, close up views of a tornado roaring down Myrtle Beach, the beautiful white Punta Gorda Florida tornado and a wild Pennsylvania tornado from the 1985 outbreak. Also, Eastern Fury includes the only known footage of the 1953 Worcester, Massachusetts tornado. This DVD is the result of two years of dedicated investigation and research. Since the project was completed, two of the videographers/photographers have died and many of the original sources that enabled location of the videos have vanished. In other words, this DVD is likely the only source where you can find some of the most rare tornado footage in the world. There are over two hours of intense and historic tornado footage on this DVD.

Eastern Fury Trailer:

Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Length: 133 min
Type: Compilation
Adult Language: No
Shrinkwrapped: Yes

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