2007 Highlights DVD

$4.99 $19.95 is proud to present a collection of 2007's most extreme tornado videos. Featured storm chases include an early-season tornado outbreak in New Mexico, a monster wedge tornado in Canada sucking dirt from underfoot, and ground-breaking video of a small yet intense Oklahoma tornado ripping trees from the earth. After seeing up close and personal footage of some of the most fascinating tornadoes of 2007, we're certain you'll be hungry for more! [NOTE: This DVD contains occasional mild language, roughly equivalent to a PG movie.]

Sample tornado video from May 4, 2007 -- Nominated for 2007 YouTube Awards!

Complete listing of storm chases included on this DVD:

March 23, 2007 -- Eastern New Mexico

March 28, 2007 -- Texas Panhandle

April 21, 2007 -- Texas Panhandle

May 4, 2007 -- Northwest Oklahoma

May 5, 2007 -- Central Kansas

May 22, 2007 -- Northwest Kansas

June 6, 2007 -- Badlands of South Dakota

June 23, 2007 -- Manitoba, Canada

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 letterbox
Length: 130 min
Type: Compilation
Adult Language: Mild
Shrinkwrapped: Yes

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