Tornado Extravaganza 2009 DVD

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If you enjoyed Tornado Extravaganza 2008 be prepared to be blown away yet again by Tornado Extravaganza 2009. This year’s video offers 2009's most extreme close-up tornadoes! Featured storm chases include 8 insane events from 2009, with a bonus chapter including three more great days from 2009 and 2007. Must-see events from 2009 include: dramatic once-in-a-lifetime video featured on national news networks of a high contrast violent tornado near Aurora, NE from 200 yards away as it plows dirt and snaps power poles; a close-range rope tornado of June 21 near Dike, IA that causes severe damage to a pig farm; a stunning multi vortex cone tornado as it tears through the Canadian River Valley in Oklahoma; and many more extravagant tornadoes. This DVD is sure to please anyone fascinated by nature's extremes, as seen in the trailer and still shots below.

Tornado Extravaganza 2009 Trailer:

Portions of Tornado Extravaganza 2009 featured on Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Letterbox)
Length: 01:14:13
Type: Compilation
Adult Language: Mild
Shrinkwrapped: Yes

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